Legal Struggles of the Indigenous Peoples of Guatemala

DOI: 10.33876/2311-0546/2022-2/113-127


  • James S. Phillips Wichita Indochinese Center

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Guatemala, Indigenous Peoples, Demographics, Historical Background, Lands and Resources, Genocide


Guatemala has a population of 17 million residents of which 41% are Maya; 1.77% are Xina people; 18% are of European descent; and 41% are of mixed indigenous and European ancestry. For several centuries the legacy of indigenous peoples in Guatemala has been under siege. There is overwhelming evidence that the indigenous peoples of Guatemala, in their history, have suffered from colonialism, economic imperialism, genocide, crimes against humanity, dispossession of their lands and resources, criminal gangs, and problems related to climate change. The above issues are examined within the framework of international law. International law and organizations could help to rescue their culture which will benefit all of humanity.

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